You have navigated to the personal website of H. L. (Bud) Goodall, Jr. I am a professor of communication who is all about narratives and their central role in scholarship, politics, cultures, and counter-terrorism.

I live and work as a narrative ethnographer, which is to say that I am never not working, never not writing, and never not learning more about narrative ways of knowing. For me, narratives offer answers to four questions:

  1. How do we make sense of everyday life?
  2. How do we connect new information to existing knowledge?
  3. How do we justify the resulting actions we take?
  4. Who do I want to be in the future and how might I best accomplish that life?

My blog, “The Daily Narrative,” is here for your reading and commenting pleasure … add your own narrative or counter mine.

In addition to the blog, please check out my recent publications, public appearances, and forthcoming books and articles. Let me and the others who read it know what you think, what you like, what you don’t like, and, please, share with us your stories …

- H.L. (Bud) Goodall, Jr.

Latest Blog Posts

  • A Message of Love and Thanks
    Hello All. There is no good way to break this news, but we wanted to let people know as soon as possible. Bud passed away early this morning. He passed peacefully after a long, and at times, arduous battle with pancreatic cancer. While Bud’s time on earth is done, the words he shared, the love he gave, and the hopes and fears he recounted here, will live on here, in loving memory of his life,…
  • The Best Good Thing We Could Hope For Today
    The Best Good Thing We Could Hope For Today Doctor Robin’s assistant called us around ten o’clock to let us know that the Doc was a little backed up and needed to move our scheduled appointment from 11:40 to noon. No biggie, but nice of the Doc to call. Last time we had an appointment I had complained about sitting too long in one of the clinic’s hard chairs, but that was back when I was still experiencing pain in my back. That she…
  • Other Than That I'm Fine
    Other Than That I'm Fine I have not cut back on some of the meds. Other than that I’m fine. I mean there’s nothing to worry about. I’m doing fine. I’m also doing fine with the drug dosages too. I still take the prescribed doses of long-term oxy twice a day, Advil every six hours, B-12 and ALA twice a day, Prilosec once a day, and depending on the state of my “regularity,” and whether or not I needed to rely…

Featured Books

  • Counter-Narrative


    “A rhetorical tour de force that offers academics and the public alike a persuasive counterstatement against far right political views... to reclaim the original intention of U.S. democracy—‘to promote the common good.’”

    - Lawrence R. Frey, Calgaard Professor of Communication and Social Justice, Trinity University

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